Maanja Velu 

“Maanja Velu” is a Tamil language action film released in 2010. The directorial role was taken up by A. Venkatesh, and the narrative is mainly centered on themes of family relationships and corruption. The film’s cast features actors such as Arun Vijay, Karthik, and Prabhu Ganesan.

Plot Summary

“Maanja Velu” spins a tale around two brothers, Velu and Maanja, who lead distinctively different lives. Velu is a hardworking and honest insurance officer. He is dedicated to his job, working tirelessly to ensure the integrity of his company. On the other hand, Maanja leads a carefree lifestyle, preferring to live in the moment.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when Velu uncovers a web of illegal activities within his company. The mastermind behind these illicit operations is a man named Ekambaram. Ekambaram is depicted as a ruthless character who will stop at nothing to protect his ill-gotten gains.

Velu, driven by his strong sense of justice, decides to expose Ekambaram’s corrupt practices. However, this decision puts his life in danger. Seeing his brother’s life at risk, Maanja realizes he must step in. The narrative traces his transformation from a reckless youth to a responsible man, determined to defend his brother and bring Ekambaram to justice. In the climax of the film, the brothers unite their strengths. Their combined efforts result in a final confrontation with Ekambaram. 


The production process of “Maanja Velu” was overseen by Feather Touch Entertainment, which provided the necessary resources and guidance to bring the film to fruition. At the helm of the project was A. Venkatesh, the film’s director. His role was instrumental in setting the film’s tone, guiding the narrative, and leading the cast and crew towards a cohesive vision. His work ensured that the film’s story and themes were effectively conveyed.

Vetri was in charge of the cinematography. His role was to visually capture the narrative, translating the script and the director’s vision into engaging and meaningful visuals. The film’s distinct look, combined with its narrative elements, contributed significantly to its overall aesthetic.

Enhancing the film’s narrative was the musical score, created by Mani Sharma. The score complemented the visual narrative, creating a more immersive viewing experience.


“Maanja Velu” intertwines action, familial bonds, and societal corruption into its narrative. The film focuses on the relationship between two brothers, showcasing how they stand together against challenges. Through its storyline and production techniques, the film offers an engaging viewing experience.

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