Introduction: Released in 2004, Manmadhan is a Tamil romantic thriller that captivated audiences with its

Periyar Kuthu | STR | Rebel Audio

Periyar Kuthu | STR | Rebel Audio “Periyar Kuthu” represents a song from the Tamil


Padagasalai “Padagasalai” is a Tamil film that was released in the year 2010. The film

Panni Kutty

Panni Kutty  The cinematic landscape saw the release of “Panni Kutty” in 2022, offering audiences

Aaradugula Bullet

Aaradugula Bullet  “Aaradugula Bullet” emerged in 2021, finding its place in the cinema landscape. The


Eeswaran  “Eeswaran” is a 2021 Tamil-language film that was introduced to the Indian cinema. The

Mafia: Chapter 1

Mafia: Chapter 1 “Mafia: Chapter 1,” released in 2020, stands as an Indian Tamil-language action

Naan Sirithaal

Naan Sirithaal Released in 2020, “Naan Sirithaal” is a Tamil-language film that attracted attention due


Vanguard  Released in 2020, “Vanguard” is a Chinese action film that falls under the action-adventure


Darbar  “Darbar,” a 2020 Tamil-language action film, ventures into the complex realm of crime and


Vaalu  ‘Vaalu’ is a 2015 Tamil language film in the romantic comedy genre. Directed by

Thillu Mullu

Thillu Mullu  Thillu Mullu is a 2013 Tamil language film, a remake of a 1981
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