“Leelai” is a 2012 Tamil language film identified as a romantic comedy. The film is directed by Andrew Louis and showcases Shiv Pandit and Mansi Parekh in the central roles.

Plot Summary

In “Leelai,” Karthik (Shiv Pandit), an IT professional known for his charismatic personality, leads an easygoing life, effortlessly charming everyone he meets. However, everything changes when Malar (Mansi Parekh), a newly recruited employee, walks into the company. Unlike the others, Malar appears to be indifferent to Karthik’s charms, which intrigues him.

As Karthik makes continuous attempts to win Malar’s attention, his efforts often lead to humorous and unexpected situations, forming the crux of the film’s comedy. Malar, meanwhile, maintains a professional demeanor, focusing on her work and personal growth. This dynamic sets the stage for a classic chase, with Karthik seeking Malar’s affection and Malar maintaining her distance.

A turning point occurs when Karthik, in a bid to impress Malar, ends up getting involved in a significant project at their company. This scenario leads to various plot developments, introducing elements of suspense and intrigue.


The process of bringing “Leelai” to the silver screen was overseen by producer V. Chandran. The film aimed to capture a realistic portrayal of a bustling IT office and the young workforce. The creation of an authentic set design and a suitable ambiance were crucial aspects of the production process, to accurately reflect the modern, fast-paced environment of an IT company.

The musical score, composed by Satish Chakravarthy, was designed to complement the film’s youthful spirit and the contemporary lifestyle of the characters. The melodies ranged from lively tunes that encapsulated the essence of the characters’ vibrant lives, to more subdued tracks for the more introspective moments in the film.

Cinematographer Velraj took on the task of visually translating the director’s vision into a series of captivating frames. With a balanced mix of wide shots to capture the dynamic office environment and close-ups for the more intimate scenes, the cinematography was essential in narrating the story effectively.


“Leelai” presents a perspective on office-based romance. The film, through its narrative, characters, and production techniques, may be of interest to viewers who enjoy romantic comedies.

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