Released in 2004, Manmadhan is a Tamil romantic thriller that captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and compelling performances. Directed by A.J. Murugan, the film received both commercial success and critical acclaim for its innovative narrative and engaging screenplay.

Plot Summary:

The movie revolves around Manmadhan, portrayed by Silambarasan, a charming and enigmatic young man who leads a double life. On one hand, he is a lovable and caring boyfriend to Nisha, played by Jyothika, while on the other, he is a cold-blooded serial killer who targets unfaithful women. As bodies start piling up, a determined police officer, DCP Chitra, portrayed by Sindhu Tolani, takes charge of the investigation.

Intrigued by the series of murders, Chitra delves deeper into the case, unaware that the man she seeks is the very person she is romantically involved with. The plot thickens when Chitra starts suspecting Manmadhan and endeavors to expose the truth behind the gruesome killings. The movie skillfully weaves elements of suspense, romance, and psychological intrigue, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.


Manmadhan was crafted by a talented team, led by director A.J. Murugan. Silambarasan’s portrayal of the dual character earned him praise and established him as a versatile actor in the Tamil film industry. Jyothika’s performance as Nisha added depth to the narrative, while Sindhu Tolani’s portrayal of the determined police officer was commendable.

The music of Manmadhan, composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, contributed significantly to the movie’s success. Tracks like “Aaha Aaha” and “Kadhal Valarthen” struck a chord with the audience and became popular.

The film’s production values were noteworthy, with visually appealing cinematography and well-choreographed action sequences. The director’s attention to detail and seamless execution enhanced the overall cinematic experience.


In conclusion, Manmadhan is a must-watch Tamil movie that blends romance, thriller, and suspense flawlessly. With its intriguing plot, compelling performances, and high production quality, the film keeps the audience engaged throughout. Silambarasan’s dual portrayal and A.J. Murugan’s directorial brilliance make this movie a memorable cinematic experience. Manmadhan stands the test of time as a unique and enthralling tale of love and darkness, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

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