Puriyatha Puthir

“Puriyatha Puthir,” meaning “Mystifying Puzzle,” is a psychological thriller in the Tamil-language film genre, making its debut in 2017. The story is a brainchild of director Ranjit Jeyakodi, who skillfully entwines elements of suspense, mystery, and real-world issues into a gripping narrative.

Plot Summary

The story of “Puriyatha Puthir” centers around Kathir, an aspiring music director, and his friends. Kathir leads a normal life, complete with a budding romance with a woman named Meera. The tranquility of Kathir’s life is disrupted when he begins receiving anonymous videos of Meera, showing her in situations she is oblivious to. The plot begins as a mystery as Kathir tries to uncover the person infringing on Meera’s privacy.

The story progresses as Kathir and his friends unravel the mystery, encountering unexpected hurdles along the way. The plot thickens as the pursuit of the perpetrator becomes dangerous, leading the characters down a rabbit hole of secrets and lies. Throughout this, the film explores themes of privacy, the influence of technology, and the moral boundaries individuals cross for personal gain.

The climax brings about a twist in the tale, revealing the identity of the person behind the videos and their motivation for targeting Meera. The resolution leaves the audience pondering about the implications of the events and the issues the film sheds light on.


“Puriyatha Puthir” was produced under the banner of Rebel Studio. The film was brought to the big screen through the combined efforts of Deepan Boopathy and Ratesh Velu, who served as producers. Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathrie feature in the leading roles, while the supporting cast includes Ramesh Thilak and Arjunan. Sam C. S. provided the film’s background score and soundtrack.


“Puriyatha Puthir” tells a story that touches upon various aspects of modern society, from the loss of privacy to the misuse of technology. The combination of suspense, mystery, and real-world issues gives viewers a lot to consider. By focusing on the trials and tribulations of an ordinary man faced with an extraordinary situation, the film presents a narrative that many viewers may find gripping. In the end, “Puriyatha Puthir” offers a story that emphasizes the importance of privacy and raises questions about the lengths individuals will go to exploit others.

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