Wolf Warrior 

“Wolf Warrior” is a 2015 action film from China. It was directed by Wu Jing, who also played the lead role in the movie. The film has a mix of high-intensity combat scenes combined with a story that involves a good deal of patriotism.

Plot Summary

The film begins with the introduction of Leng Feng, a special forces sniper in the Chinese army, played by Wu Jing. Feng is a highly skilled, fearless soldier with a strong sense of duty towards his nation. During a mission, Feng makes the tough decision to shoot a drug lord, despite being explicitly ordered not to do so. This action leads to his transfer to a disciplinary unit known as the “Wolf Warriors.” The Wolf Warriors are a group of soldiers known for their exceptional combat skills and unyielding spirit, symbolizing the wolf spirit inherent in the Chinese military.

Meanwhile, the slain drug lord’s brother, who is seeking revenge for his brother’s death, hires a group of cold-blooded mercenaries. The mercenaries, who are led by an ex-American soldier, Tom Cat, are notorious for their ruthless strategies and are reputed to be undefeatable.

The plot takes a turn when the mercenaries target Feng and his unit. The mercenaries set up an elaborate plan to trap and eliminate the Wolf Warriors. However, Feng, armed with his unwavering patriotism and warrior skills, refuses to be an easy target. The narrative follows Feng as he navigates through dangerous situations, using his intelligence, physical strength, and indomitable spirit.

The climax of the film sees an intense face-off between Feng and Tom Cat. With his team’s support and his determination, Feng uses his sharpshooting skills and military tactics to fight against the mercenaries, leading to a riveting showdown. The film concludes with Feng’s survival, showcasing his triumph against all odds. He not only survives but also protects his fellow soldiers, showing the power of loyalty, teamwork, and national pride.


“Wolf Warrior” is a Chinese action film released in 2015, directed and co-written by Wu Jing. The production of the film was handled by Beijing Dengfeng International Culture, the state-run China Film Group Corporation and others. Wu Jing not only directed the film but also starred as the lead.

The film’s storyline demanded a plethora of action scenes, hence the decision to hire Hollywood action director Sam Hargrave. On the other hand, visual effects were provided by Macrograph, known for their work in international blockbusters.

The movie’s production also involved collaboration with the Chinese military, providing military equipment, vehicles, and body doubles for the complex stunts. The film was shot extensively in Nanjing, Jiangsu, enhancing the movie’s authenticity by using real landscapes.


“Wolf Warrior” was a commercial hit in China and garnered the attention of audiences globally. The movie, while being an action film, also incorporated elements of drama, suspense, and nationalism. The impact of the movie on the genre and the film industry becomes clear through a detailed examination of its plot and production process. The film paved the way for the sequel “Wolf Warrior 2.”

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