Vidiyum Munn

“Vidiyum Munn” is a Tamil-language film from 2013. This thriller was directed by Balaji K. Kumar, and stars Pooja Umashankar and Malavika Manikuttan in the primary roles. The film is a suspenseful narrative that focuses on the intertwined lives of two unique characters.

Plot Summary

“Vidiyum Munn” introduces us to the world of Rekha (Pooja Umashankar), a woman ensnared in the web of sex trade, and Nandini (Malavika Manikuttan), a twelve-year-old girl who ends up under Rekha’s care. The story begins with Rekha trying to secure a life of freedom and normalcy for Nandini. They both live in a world that teeters on the edge of danger, always one step away from the crime-ridden underbelly of the city. 

Rekha and Nandini have one common goal, and that is to escape the menacing gang led by Singaram (Vinoth Kishan) who is in pursuit of them. They are pawns in a dangerous game, each move being calculated to outwit their opponents.

The film subtly explores the bond that develops between Rekha and Nandini. Rekha is a woman hardened by the world she has been forced to live in, yet finds herself becoming protective of Nandini. On the other hand, Nandini, despite her tender age, understands the gravity of the situation and fights alongside Rekha. The story evolves around their journey, the choices they make, and the sacrifices they are willing to make to survive and attain their freedom.

Through the interweaving of suspense, human connection, and the instinct for survival, “Vidiyum Munn” effectively showcases a compelling narrative.


“Vidiyum Munn” is a product of collaboration between various minds. The film came to life under the direction of Balaji K. Kumar, who also penned the screenplay. Balaji’s direction contributed significantly to the movie’s overall aesthetic, setting a dark and thrilling tone, skillfully capturing the sense of dread and hope that permeates throughout the film.

The film was produced by Javed Khayum, under the banner of Khayum Studios. The producers and the entire team took great care to ensure the authenticity of the plot, its setting, and its characters, hence making the movie more engaging for its viewers.

Sivakumar Vijayan handled the cinematography, providing a visually stunning backdrop for the engaging narrative. The editor, K.V. Kathir, worked carefully to keep the suspenseful tone of the film consistent. The music and sound were deftly handled by Girishh Gopalakrishnan. 


“Vidiyum Munn” offers a narrative of survival and struggle set against a suspenseful backdrop. The efforts of the team culminated in a film that left a lasting impression on its audience. The characters were depicted in a raw and unfiltered manner, the storyline keeping the suspense intact, making the film a comprehensive cinematic experience.

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