Ponmaalai Pozhudhu

Ponmaalai Pozhudhu is a Tamil movie that came out in 2013. AC Durai took on the role of director for this project. The movie is classified under the romance genre and features Aadhav Kannadasan and Gayathrie Shankar in the main roles, with significant parts played by Kishore and Anupama Kumar.

Plot Summary

“Ponmaalai Pozhudhu” follows the tale of Arjun (Aadhav Kannadasan), a teenager, who lives an average life in an ordinary neighborhood. His life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Anu (Gayathrie Shankar), a girl living in the same vicinity.

The story begins with Arjun getting captivated by Anu’s charm. Initially, he admires her from afar, but as time progresses, he gathers the courage to express his feelings. Anu, surprised by his confession, takes some time to reciprocate his affection. As their romance starts to grow, they find happiness in their little world. However, their age difference and the societal norms that come with it start to pose significant challenges.

Arjun and Anu, driven by their emotions, strive to keep their relationship afloat amid these obstacles. They are faced with a series of conflicts and confrontations that test their bond and resolve. Their journey becomes a testament to their commitment to each other and their will to challenge the societal norms.

The climax is a culmination of their struggle and their efforts to reconcile their love with the harsh realities of society. The movie concludes on a note that encapsulates the essence of their journey, leaving a lasting impression on the viewers.


“Ponmaalai Pozhudhu” was produced nder the banner of AG Creations. Directed by AC Durai, it’s the result of his vision and expertise in filmmaking, making it a well-constructed narrative on the big screen. Durai is not just the director but also the writer of the film, making his imprint on the storyline quite evident.

The production process was a lengthy one, with the initial steps of pre-production taking several months. This period involved a detailed scripting process, casting the right actors, location scouting, and setting up the technical aspects of the film. Aadhav Kannadasan and Gayathrie Shankar were chosen to portray the lead roles. Their performances, brought to life under Durai’s guidance, remain true to the characters’ essence.

The film was primarily shot in Chennai, with some scenes filmed in other parts of Tamil Nadu. Cinematographer Rajarathinam provided the visual language to narrate the story, capturing the emotions and nuances of the narrative effectively.


Ponmaalai Pozhudhu presents a story that discusses young love and societal influences. It carries a straightforward narrative, effective performances, and a practical representation of romance, securing its position in Tamil cinema’s romance genre. The production process was a collaborative effort that pooled in various aspects of filmmaking to create a film that echoed with its audience. It depicts the trials and victories of a young couple’s love story, offering viewers a narrative that many might find relatable.

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