Inga Enna Solluthu

“Inga Enna Solluthu” is a 2014 Tamil film directed by Vincent Selva. The film features VTV Ganesh in the lead role, who also produced the film. It’s a blend of comedy and drama, narrating the life experiences of the protagonist, Ganesh.

Plot Summary

“Inga Enna Solluthu” opens with Ganesh, embarking on a journey from Chennai to Trichy. As he begins his journey, he starts to reflect on his past and the experiences that molded his life. The film dips into flashbacks, displaying the important events from his past that shape the narrative of the film.

The film introduces us to his past relationship with Meera. It’s a rollercoaster ride as their relationship sees several highs and lows. Meera is portrayed as an individual with a strong character, creating a dynamic interaction between her and Ganesh. Simbu, another important character in the film, is introduced later. The film gives us glimpses of Ganesh’s encounters with Simbu, revealing the impactful role Simbu has in Ganesh’s life.

As the journey continues, the film further dives into Ganesh’s past. It reflects on how he deals with the ups and downs life throws at him, with an undercurrent of humor running throughout. Each stop along his journey seems to trigger a memory from his past, contributing to his introspective journey.

The narrative effectively balances drama and comedy, encapsulating Ganesh’s journey of self-discovery. The film gradually unfolds, presenting the audiences with a thorough understanding of Ganesh’s life, his relationships, and the experiences that shaped him. By the end of the journey, Ganesh and the audience alike have a comprehensive view of his past life, the mistakes made, lessons learned, and how all these experiences have shaped the man he is in the present.


The creation of “Inga Enna Solluthu” involved a dynamic team, working together to bring this narrative to life. The film was brought to the screen by Gemini Film Circuit, a production house known for its varied selection of films. It was directed by Vincent Selva. The screenplay was provided by the lead actor, VTV Ganesh, marking his debut in this role.

The casting process was a crucial part of the production, with the team ensuring each actor fit their respective roles perfectly. Actors like Meera Jasmine, Santhanam, and Simbu were brought on board, each adding a unique element to the story.

The musical score, provided by Dharan Kumar, plays an important part in the overall production. Additionally, R. D. Rajasekhar’s cinematography effectively captured the essence of each scene, adding a layer of visual depth to the narrative.


“Inga Enna Solluthu” is a film that explores life, learning, and the creation of memories. It draws from the theme of self-introspection and personal development. Despite its comedic elements, the film also dwells on significant life concepts such as love, friendship, and self-discovery. Through its blend of comedy and drama, the film offers an engaging Tamil cinema experience.

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