Sivappu Mazhai

“Sivappu Mazhai” is a 2010 Tamil film, presenting viewers with a concoction of drama and action. The narrative of the movie pivots around the protagonist’s challenges and the subsequent resolutions.

Plot Summary

“Sivappu Mazhai” unfolds around Nandhan (Suresh Joachim), a young man from Sri Lanka, who embarks on a perilous mission to kidnap Samyukta (Meera Jasmine), a television journalist and daughter of a minister (Suman). His audacious act sets off a riveting chain of events. The minister, along with his police aides led by the Director General of Police (Rajeev) and his subordinate (Bose Venkat), initiates a daring plan to rescue Samyukta.

However, the narrative takes an unexpected twist when Nandhan makes an unusual demand — the release of a detained Sri Lankan national. The unfolding events steer the story towards tension, conflict, and intrigue. The array of characters that also includes a nurse, a bungalow caretaker, and a caretaker’s assistant, among others, further enriches the film’s narrative tapestry.


“Sivappu Mazhai” is a notable production for being completed in record-breaking time. Produced by Suresh Joachim, a Canadian Guinness Hall of Famer, the movie was filmed in 11 days, 23 hours, and 45 minutes in Chennai, India. This achievement toppled the previous record of scripting to screening in 13 days for “The Fastest Forward” (UK 1990).

Joachim, who also played the lead role, was supported by a crew of 1,000 members who pulled together to accomplish this feat. The project kicked off with the scriptwriter commencing the script and finished with the final edits to a two-hour feature-length film, all accomplished from May 22, 2009, to June 3, 2009.

The movie was directed by V. Krishnamurthy, a veteran assistant director on films such as Pulan Visaranai, Captain Prabhakaran, and Rassaiyah. The production featured prominent artists like Meera Jasmine, Vivek, Suman, Bose Venkat, Rajeev, Thiyagu, Alex among others. Key contributors to the movie included John E (screenplay), V. Prabhakar (dialogues), Srinivasm, Indrajith and Jamal Deen (cinematography), Deva (music), Vairamuthu (lyrics), V. T. Vijayan (editing) and Kathir (art direction).

Produced under the banners Suresh Joachim Entertainment Inc. and Joachim International Inc, the film was not just a record-breaking venture but also an attempt to create awareness about peace and universal brotherhood. The crew’s satisfaction with the result and pride in the accomplishment reflects in the final film, a testament to intense collaboration and ambitious filmmaking.


“Sivappu Mazhai” is a notable addition to Tamil cinema, presenting an engaging narrative, solid performances, and thorough filmmaking. The film offers a narrative that many viewers may relate to, which makes it an engaging watch. The movie successfully depicts the struggles and triumphs of its characters, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

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