Bayam Ariyaan

Bayam Ariyaan is a Tamil film that made its entrance into the cinema world in 2010. The movie distinguishes itself through a plot that deviates from usual themes and presents a different storyline within its genre.

Plot Summary

The narrative of Bayam Ariyaan revolves around the lives of several intertwined characters, predominantly Mithran, a police inspector, and Vinoth, an unemployed young man involved in criminal activities. The story brings into play themes of corruption, revenge, remorse, and tragedy, manifesting in the characters’ actions and their consequences.

Mithran, despite being a cop, is involved in criminal activities and hires unemployed youths like Vinoth to carry out various tasks. Vinoth, with his friends, engages in activities such as extortion and rowdyism. The plot develops with Mithran assigning Vinoth to murder a local don, which leads to a series of violent incidents and betrayals.

Vinoth, in a state of remorse following a tragic accident involving his mother, starts reassessing his life. Simultaneously, Mithran deals with the fallout of harboring a criminal who harms his wife. The narrative reaches its peak when a police order to encounter all local rowdies, including Vinoth, culminates in a dramatic showdown.


The production process of Bayam Ariyaan involved the collaboration of several individuals under the direction of Prathesh, making his directorial debut. Mahesh Raja, a former production executive, was chosen to play the lead role of Vinoth, while other significant roles were assigned to actors like Kishore and Manikandan.

One of the challenges faced during production was the replacement of the original female lead, leading to Udhayathara being cast in the role. The production team also filmed in a cemetery in Pondicherry, where they stayed and worked continuously.

The production process involved managing various elements such as casting, location scouting, and scheduling to ensure the smooth progression of filming. These efforts resulted in the film Bayam Ariyaan, a tale intertwining multiple characters navigating complex personal situations amidst a backdrop of crime and violence.


Bayam Ariyaan offers a story that blends elements of horror with a storyline highlighting personal growth. The quality of the production, combined with the narrative style, provides a different perspective within the Tamil film industry.

Despite its limitations, Bayam Ariyaan manages to hold the audience’s attention, delivering a rounded cinematic experience. The film reflects the varied potential of Tamil cinema, presenting a narrative that manages to captivate its viewers. In conclusion, Bayam Ariyaan continues to hold relevance due to its narrative and production quality, making a substantial contribution to Tamil cinema.

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