Desingu Raja

‘Desingu Raja’ is a Tamil language film from 2013, residing in the genre of comedy-drama. This movie is the brainchild of director Ezhil. It offers an insight into the daily life and customs of village residents in Tamil Nadu.

Plot Summary

“Desingu Raja” builds its narrative upon a backdrop of two rival villages in Tamil Nadu, each holding a grudge against the other due to a long history of conflicts. Idhayakani (Vimal), the protagonist of the story, resides in one of these villages. A charming young man known for his bravery and good nature, he finds himself inadvertently becoming the peacekeeper and representative of his village.

The storyline takes an interesting turn when Idhayakani crosses paths with Thamarai (Bindu Madhavi), a girl from the rival village. Despite the antagonism between their respective villages, Idhayakani is immediately smitten by Thamarai’s beauty and charm, setting off a whirlwind of events.

As the narrative unfolds, Idhayakani embarks on a mission to win Thamarai’s heart. At the same time, he is constantly met with challenges from the rival village, including facing opposition from Thamarai’s family due to the ongoing feud. As the plot progresses, a sequence of humorous and dramatic events unfolds, with Idhayakani striving to bridge the gap between the two villages to unite with Thamarai.

Towards the climax, an unexpected truth about the feud between the two villages comes to light, leading to a series of events that bring the two villages together, ending their long-standing feud. The film concludes with the two villages setting aside their differences and coming together for Idhayakani and Thamarai’s union.


“Desingu Raja” is a product of Escape Artists Motion Pictures, with Ezhil helming the director’s chair. Ezhil, a seasoned name in the Tamil cinema industry. In terms of cinematography, the film brings forth the essence of rural Tamil Nadu through its lens, a credit that goes to the expertise of Suraj Nallusamy. Music, composed by D. Imman, plays a crucial role in setting the tone and mood of various scenes.

The film employs the talents of Vimal and Bindu Madhavi in the lead roles. Their combined acting prowess adds a distinct flavor to the overall narrative, effectively portraying the unique dynamics of their characters. This, in turn, contributes to the film’s ability to engage its viewers throughout its running time.


‘Desingu Raja’ serves as a representation of Tamil Nadu’s heartland, showcasing its traditions, culture, and humor. The simple storyline, embedded with glimpses of everyday life and its inherent complexities, offers an interesting portrayal of its characters and their surroundings. The blend of humor and sentiment woven into the narrative ensures an engaging viewing experience.

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