Osthi is a Tamil language film, a remake of the Hindi film Dabangg, that hit the screens in 2011. Directed by S. Dharani, the film features Silambarasan in the titular role. The storyline revolves around Osthe Velan, a police inspector recognized for his unconventional law enforcement methods.

Plot Summary 

Osthi’s narrative anchors on the life of Osthe Velan, a police inspector in a small town in Tamil Nadu. Osthe Velan, enacted by Silambarasan, is a character who follows an unusual approach to law and order situations, thus setting a tone distinct from traditional police narratives.

The plot takes a turn when Velan clashes with Boxer Daniel, a notorious figure in the locality. This event sparks a string of incidents that only intensifies the friction between them. The underlying tension and suspense this rivalry brings form a substantial part of the narrative, keeping the viewers engaged.

In the midst of these tensions, the film introduces a romantic element in the form of Neduvaali, brought to life by Richa Gangopadhyay. As Velan’s love interest, Neduvaali’s character adds another layer to the plot, infusing romance amidst action and conflict.

A unique aspect of Osthi’s storyline is its exploration of Velan’s complex family dynamics. His relations with his stepfather and half-brother are nuanced, adding depth to his character and further complexity to the plot. It is this intricate web of personal relationships, rivalries, and romantic pursuits that give Osthi its multifaceted narrative.


Osthi’s production was driven by a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing their unique skills to the table. S. Dharani’s directorial added its distinctive flavour. The music was entrusted to Thaman, whose compositions enriched the scenes, enhancing the narrative’s mood and heightening the viewers’ experience.

In front of the camera, Silambarasan stepped into the shoes of Osthe Velan, bringing charisma to the lead role. Supporting performances from Richa Gangopadhyay, Sonu Sood, and Revathi further bolstered the film’s character dynamics.

Behind the scenes, Gopinath, the film’s cinematographer, played a crucial role in capturing the essence of the story. His contribution encompassed everything from framing the high-octane action sequences to showcasing the vibrancy of the rural setting.


In summary, Osthi offers an engaging narrative that merges elements of conflict, romance, and family drama. With the protagonist’s unconventional law enforcement methods serving as the backdrop, the film presents a storyline that holds audience interest. It serves as an example of a film that successfully blends various narrative elements to create a compelling storyline.

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