“Ishtam” is a Tamil film that arrived in cinemas in 2012. This narrative is directed by Prem Nizar and stars Vimal and Nisha Aggarwal as the main characters, surrounded by a variety of supporting actors.

Plot Summary

“Ishtam” is a narrative woven around the life experiences and philosophies of two central characters, Saravanan and Sandhya. These characters, portrayed by Vimal and Nisha Aggarwal, find themselves on opposing sides of the spectrum when it comes to their viewpoints on marriage and love.

Saravanan cherishes his life as a bachelor. He enjoys the freedom it brings and has no interest in altering this lifestyle. He’s convinced that marriage would only burden his uncomplicated life. Saravanan strongly believes that he’s better off without the emotional complexities and commitments that accompany a matrimonial bond.

On the flip side, Sandhya, a traditional and romantic at heart, dreams of a loving marriage. She believes in the sanctity and beauty of this bond, and for her, a caring and committed husband is an integral part of her envisioned future. Her perspective on love and life is largely influenced by her belief in the strength and stability that a matrimonial bond brings.

As the storyline progresses, their paths intertwine due to unexpected circumstances, leading to an unusual friendship. Their contrasting ideologies on love and marriage create a dynamic relationship between the two. Despite their divergent views, they find themselves growing closer, with affection blossoming between them. As their relationship evolves, it brings forth a series of questions and dilemmas. The crux of the plot lies in their journey together, the transformation in their beliefs, and the decisions they make about their future.


The process of bringing “Ishtam” to life involved a collaborative effort from a team led by director Prem Nizar. The film was produced under the banner of Balaji Real Media by Ramesh Babu. The idea behind “Ishtam” was to narrate a story that resonates with the modern youth and their perspective on love and marriage.

Nizar, with his proficient direction, aimed to capture the evolving dynamics of relationships in contemporary society. His vision was to depict the emotional complexity and the dilemmas faced by young adults when it comes to making a commitment.

The music was composed by Thaman S, whose melodies played a significant role in heightening the emotional quotient of the film. Cinematographer Vijay Ulaganathan was responsible for capturing the essence of the plot and the characters through his lens, providing a visual treat for the viewers.


In summary, “Ishtam” offers insight into the intricacies of modern-day relationships, detailing the concerns and dilemmas of the younger generation. The interplay of plot, production elements, and the performances provides an encompassing narrative that has managed to connect with a broad spectrum of viewers.

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