Kuttram 23

“Kuttram 23” is a Tamil film directed by Arivazhagan, which was unveiled to the public in 2017. This film, classified as a crime thriller, has Arun Vijay in the lead role. The crux of the film lies in the suspenseful narrative around the realm of medical crime.

Plot Summary

“Kuttram 23” takes its audience on a thrilling journey following Vetrimaaran (Arun Vijay), an Assistant Commissioner of Police. The story takes a major turn when a priest is found dead under mysterious circumstances, and his daughter, Thendral (Mahima Nambiar), is hospitalized due to severe trauma. Vetrimaaran, being a dedicated officer, takes it upon himself to decipher the mystery surrounding these incidents.

Digging deeper into the case, he uncovers a sinister network of medical crimes involving high-profile doctors who are indulged in illegal human experimentation. Vetrimaaran realizes that these experiments have led to catastrophic results, including multiple homicides disguised as natural deaths or suicides.

As Vetrimaaran progresses in his investigation, the plot thickens. The story reveals the chilling truth behind Thendral’s trauma and its connection with the wider conspiracy. The narrative spirals into a relentless pursuit of justice, intertwined with Vetrimaaran’s personal journey.

Navigating this labyrinth of crime and corruption, Vetrimaaran encounters several obstacles and conflicts that further complicate the plot. This includes battles with powerful adversaries who are determined to keep their dark secrets hidden. As Vetrimaaran delves into the depths of these medical crimes, he also grapples with personal turmoil and ethical dilemmas. In the grand finale, the plot comes full circle with a dramatic showdown, exposing the true culprits behind the heinous crimes. 


Directed by Arivazhagan Venkatachalam, the movie was developed under the banner of Inder Kumar’s Redhan The Cinema People. The lead role of Vetrimaaran was assigned to Arun Vijay and Mahima Nambiar was cast as Thendral.

The shooting process for “Kuttram 23” encompassed a variety of locations to capture the diversity of the characters’ experiences, from cityscapes to hospitals and more personal settings like homes. 


“Kuttram 23” represents an intriguing addition to Tamil cinema. It combines elements of suspense, action, and drama and addresses significant social issues. As the film concludes, it leaves the audience pondering the complexities of the medical field and the ethical dilemmas it raises. By intertwining entertainment with social consciousness, “Kuttram 23” strikes a chord with its viewers.

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