“Hae-pi-ppeo-seu-de-i” is a 2017 film from South Korea. It forms a part of the wide spectrum of movies released from the region. 

Plot Summary

“Hae-pi-ppeo-seu-de-i” takes its audience into the heart of an ordinary South Korean neighborhood, bringing its stories and characters to the forefront. At its core, the movie orbits around a central convenience store – an everyday hub of activity and interactions. This store, a silent witness to the ever-changing dynamics of the community, becomes the backdrop for unfolding personal tales.

Each character introduced has their unique world, infused with hopes, disappointments, dreams, and regrets. For instance, a retired elderly man grapples with feelings of redundancy and nostalgia while a young mother confronts the challenges of single parenting. A university student faces the pressures of academic and social life, while a store worker contemplates a significant life decision.

These individual stories, initially running in parallel, soon intertwine. The title, translating to “Happy Birthday”, might suggest a celebration or commemoration. As the movie inches towards its climax, a shared event, related to this theme, emerges. This event acts as a catalyst, affecting the lives of the inhabitants and drawing the community closer, reinforcing the film’s exploration of interconnected destinies and the beauty of ordinary lives.


The production of “Hae-pi-ppeo-seu-de-i” can be described as a meticulous orchestration of capturing ordinary moments with extraordinary depth. Spearheaded by a South Korean production house, the film aimed to offer a realistic portrayal of neighborhood life, emphasizing relatable stories and authentic locales.

Choosing the right setting was pivotal. The convenience store, central to the narrative, was picked after scouting multiple locations. It was essential to have a venue that radiated a lived-in charm and exuded familiarity. Hence, a real neighborhood convenience store was finalized, giving the scenes genuine texture and atmosphere.

Casting played an integral role in bringing this vision to life. The filmmakers opted for a mix of seasoned actors and fresh faces. This decision added a layer of realism, with characters resonating more authentically with their assigned roles. Each actor underwent workshops, familiarizing themselves with the daily routines and nuances of their respective roles.


“Hae-pi-ppeo-seu-de-i” provides an insight into the lives of individuals in a specific setting. The storyline, combined with the elements of production, offers a reflection on life’s varied experiences, emphasizing the day-to-day events and challenges faced by many.

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