“Yaman” is a 2017 film in the Tamil language. The movie delves into political themes, offering a narrative grounded in the dynamics of power and politics.

Plot Summary

The plot of “Yaman” unfolds with the introduction of the central character, Tamilarasan, played by Vijay Antony. The initial stages of the narrative focus on Tamilarasan’s everyday life, which doesn’t stand out as being remarkably different or unique from any ordinary individual’s existence. However, a series of events transpire that disrupt the quiet routine of Tamilarasan’s life. He finds himself thrust into the midst of political affairs, turning his world upside down.

Tamilarasan is seen constantly navigating the intricacies of political machinations, trying to find his foothold in this unfamiliar terrain. As the story advances, Tamilarasan emerges as a strategizing and calculative character. He uses his acumen to outwit his political adversaries and climb the ladder of power. The storyline offers numerous instances of his strategic maneuvering in the political sphere, highlighting the evolution of his character from a common man to a politician.

However, the path Tamilarasan chooses is not free of challenges. The plot continually brings up obstacles in his way, focusing on the themes of political deception and betrayal. These elements paint a realistic portrayal of the harsh realities of politics.

As the narrative unfolds, the movie exhibits the dramatic sequences of Tamilarasan’s political journey, exploring how an ordinary person grapples with the demanding and often ruthless world of politics. “Yaman” ends up showcasing the transformation of Tamilarasan, presenting a critique of political power structures through its narrative arc.


“Yaman” was primarily produced under the banner of Lyca Productions, released in 2017. Vijay Antony was the filmmakers’ first choice for the lead role of Tamilarasan. Jeeva Shankar, the director of the film, played a vital role in shaping the narrative and maintaining its coherence. Collaborating with Vijay Antony, who doubled as the film’s music composer, they created a unique audio-visual experience. 

The cinematography of “Yaman,” executed by Jeeva Shankar himself, utilized various techniques to enhance the film’s visual appeal. The editing, carried out by Veera Senthil Raj, was another crucial aspect of the film’s production. 


In conclusion, “Yaman” explores the sphere of politics through its main character’s journey. The film focuses on political themes, intertwining them with an involved narrative and a range of performances. While the movie’s content may not suit every viewer’s taste, it provides a perspective on the challenges of political life and power struggle.

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