Thadaiyara Thaakka

“Thadaiyara Thaakka” is a 2012 Tamil language film. Magizh Thirumeni is the director, and the narrative incorporates elements of drama and action.

 Plot Summary

“Thadaiyara Thaakka” revolves around the life of Selva (Arun Vijay), who runs a successful parking lot business. Life takes a drastic turn for Selva when, one night, he stumbles upon a murder at a city mall. Wrongly suspected of being involved in this crime, he finds himself tangled in a complex web of events.

Selva, a man of principles, decides to find out the truth to clear his name. His investigation leads him to a ruthless gang led by Maha (Vamsi Krishna), who controls various illegal businesses in the city. The gang, known for its relentless violence, proves to be a formidable enemy for Selva.

Simultaneously, a romantic angle is developed between Selva and Priya (Mamta Mohandas), a vivacious radio jockey. Their relationship deepens as Priya stands by Selva in his most challenging times, offering him emotional support and strength.

As the plot progresses, Selva’s battle against Maha and his gang intensifies. He finds himself in life-threatening situations but fights with all his might to unmask the truth and restore his reputation. The suspense escalates as the film reaches its climax, where Selva’s fate is decided.


The creation of “Thadaiyara Thaakka” was a result of careful planning and execution, led by Feather Touch Entertainment. From the outset, the team was keen on presenting an action-packed narrative, rich in suspense and drama. The production process started with the selection of the script, written by Magizh Thirumeni, known for his engaging narratives.

Choosing the cast was a critical aspect of the production process. Arun Vijay, an actor known for his versatility, was cast as the lead. Mamta Mohandas, a seasoned actress, was picked to play the female lead. Vamsi Krishna, an emerging talent, was chosen to play the main antagonist. The team believed that their performances would elevate the film’s narrative.

Music and background score, composed by Thaman, played a vital role in enhancing the film’s suspenseful aura. The audio tracks were well received, further contributing to the movie’s appeal.


“Thadaiyara Thaakka” tells a story of unexpected circumstances pushing an ordinary man into the path of danger. Its narrative is constructed in a way that creates a sense of anticipation, making it an interesting entry in the action-drama genre. The film’s narrative structure, performances, and plot together contribute to its standing in Tamil cinema.

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