“Diya” is a movie that was released in 2018. It is a story presented in the unique genre of horror, providing a narrative that leaves room for viewer interpretation and engagement.

Plot Summary

Diya starts with the tragedy of a couple, Thulasi (Sai Pallavi) and Krishna (Naga Shourya), who are forced to abort their child due to societal pressures as they were merely in high school when Thulasi became pregnant. Five years later, the pair is married, but their relationship is strained due to their past.

Unexpectedly, those around Thulasi and Krishna start experiencing mysterious and deadly incidents. When their best friend, Dr. Sam (RJ Balaji), is killed, Krishna realizes their aborted child, who they named Diya, might be the cause. Diya, it seems, is seeking revenge on those responsible for ending her life prematurely.

Following this revelation, Krishna attempts to reconcile with Thulasi, who is unknowing of the hauntings and killings. As the series of inexplicable deaths continue, Thulasi and Krishna must confront their past actions to prevent any further casualties.

This forms the crux of the plot of Diya, a film that weaves horror and emotion into a unique narrative fabric. The plot’s strength lies in the exploration of guilt, consequences, and redemption, showing how past actions can echo into the present with unexpected results.


“Diya” was directed by A. L. Vijay and the script was written by him in collaboration with S. J. Surya. This horror film is in the Tamil language and has Sai Pallavi playing the role of Thulasi and Naga Shourya in the role of Krishna. The supporting actors include Veronika Arora as Diya and RJ Balaji. Nirav Shah was in charge of cinematography and Antony was responsible for editing. 

The music composition was handled by Sam C. S. The film was produced under Lyca Productions. The components of the film, including the script, direction, and performances, were all put together to create a cohesive narrative.


“Diya” is a film that combines elements of horror and thriller genres while dealing with themes of guilt and revenge. It provides a perspective on the diverse range of stories that cinema can offer. The film refrains from relying heavily on violence or gore, instead focusing on the psychological effects of the characters’ actions. This film presents an exploration of the possibilities within its genre.

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