Kolamavu Kokila

“Kolamavu Kokila” is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language film. Directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, the film is categorized as a black comedy crime drama.

Plot Summary

Kokila, played by Nayanthara, is a simple woman leading a modest life with her family. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she learns of her mother’s severe lung cancer diagnosis. With the weight of her family’s financial limitations and the urgent need for funds to ensure timely treatment, Kokila finds herself in a predicament.

Searching for ways to gather the money needed, Kokila inadvertently steps into the murky world of drug peddling. She partners with a local dealer and soon realizes the intricacies and dangers associated with this line of work. Despite the perilous environment, Kokila’s wit and strategic thinking help her succeed in her transactions, slowly becoming a prominent figure in the local drug scene.

However, this success doesn’t come without its fair share of obstacles. As the plot unfolds, Kokila has to face challenges from rival drug lords and the police. To further complicate matters, her younger sister becomes entangled in the web of this trade.

Throughout the narrative, Kokila’s resilience and determination shine through. Her dual life — being a devoted daughter at home while navigating the perilous drug underworld — brings forth intriguing situations. Her overarching goal remains to secure her family’s safety and well-being, which results in a series of strategical moves against her adversaries. The tension escalates, culminating in a series of events that test Kokila’s tenacity and wit against the forces that wish to bring her down.


Lyca Productions took the helm in producing “Kolamavu Kokila”. Nelson Dilipkumar was seen wearing the directorial cap. The music, composed by Anirudh Ravichander, aligns with the film’s themes and narrative. Cinematography, executed by Sivakumar Vijayan, complements the storyline by capturing essential elements that enhance the film’s atmosphere.


“Kolamavu Kokila” presents a blend of comedy and crime. The film delves into the profound choices individuals make under duress and the subsequent ripple effects of those decisions. At its core, it paints a picture of the extents one might venture to for their family, interspersed with elements of humor and drama.

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