18 Vayasu

“18 Vayasu” stands as a representative product of the Tamil film industry, showcasing a blend of dramatic and psychological themes. The narrative is driven by the exploration of human emotions and unique behavioural patterns, providing a different kind of cinematic experience for the audience.

Plot Summary

The film “18 Vayasu” unfolds the journey of Karthik (Johnny Chakravarthy), a young man living with a psychological disorder. This condition, which leads him to exhibit animal-like behavior under stress, is a consequence of witnessing his father’s suicide. Karthik’s life grows even more complicated as he faces consistent ill-treatment from his mother (Yuvarani), who is occupied with her own romantic pursuits.

In the course of life’s challenges, Karthik encounters Gayathri (Gayathrie), an orphan with her own trials, subjected to harassment by her caretaker. Their common struggles and hardships draw them together, forming a bond between them.

However, Karthik’s life takes a drastic turn when he kills his mother in a fit of distress. This incident causes Gayathri to reconsider her relationship with Karthik, who subsequently flees to avoid potential legal consequences. The narrative then progresses towards exploring whether Karthik is successful in reconciling with Gayathri and how their relationship evolves.


“18 Vayasu”, directed by R. Panneerselvam and produced by S. S. Chakravarthy, is a production of NIC Arts. This film is an endeavor to present a unique narrative revolving around psychological themes and complex human emotions.

The cinematography of the film is helmed by Shakthi, whose work played a significant role in visually interpreting and presenting the story’s themes. The editing is credited to Anthony Gonsalves, whose expertise contributes to the film’s narrative pacing and structure.

The film features a musical score composed by Charles Bosco and Dinesh Kanagaratnam. Their work complements the narrative, adding layers of emotion and depth to the film.


“18 Vayasu” provides viewers with a narrative focused on the complexities of the human psyche. The film spotlights how certain life events can influence an individual’s mental state, eventually affecting their behaviour and interactions. Through Karthik’s journey, it emphasizes the societal need for understanding and acceptance of individuals dealing with psychological conditions.

In summary, “18 Vayasu” offers a narrative layered with psychological facets and a myriad of human emotions. It strikes a balance between entertaining the audience and prompting introspective thoughts, thus adding a distinct narrative to the vast landscape of Tamil cinema.

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