Anba Azhaga

“Anba Azhaga” is a Tamil film that appeared in the early 2010s. This movie, while adhering to the fundamentals of a traditional narrative, presents a story filled with depth and emotion. The film’s title, translated as “Love is Beautiful,” provides a hint of its central theme.

Plot Summary

The narrative revolves around a young man named Krishnan, played by the newcomer Akash. Krishnan, characterized by his positive attitude and fondness for music, finds his life changing upon meeting Anjali, enacted by Sri Priyanka. Anjali, a nurse, embodies compassion. Shared interests and complementary personalities lead them into love, an experience unfamiliar to both.

As the story progresses, the pair’s relationship is put to the test as they encounter hurdles. The plot explores how Krishnan and Anjali navigate their relationship amidst adversity, focusing on their emotional responses and personal growth.


The movie “Anba Azhaga” was directed by R.Krishnaa and produced by Ramakrishnan, forming a partnership that brought a unique blend of storytelling and film production. The director managed to incorporate elements of romance and drama into the plot while adhering to the traditional format of Tamil cinema.

In terms of cinematography, the visual representation of the narrative was captured, contributing to the film’s overall reception. Concurrently, the film’s music, composed by John Peter, played a role in creating the film’s emotional undercurrent. The soundtrack aligns well with the narrative, enhancing the depth of the story.


In essence, “Anba Azhaga” provides an exploration of love, its allure, and the challenges it may bring. With a well-devised plot, intricate character development, and the collaborative effort of the production team, the film marks its presence in Tamil cinema. The central message, captured in the title, underscores the sentiment of love, reinforcing the idea that despite the difficulties and challenges, love maintains its allure.

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