Pen Singam

Originating from the Tamil film industry, Pen Singam is a feature film combining elements of drama and action. The movie crafts a narrative intended to maintain viewer interest, aiming to offer both entertainment and intellectual engagement.

Plot Summary

In Pen Singam, the narrative navigates through the intricate webs of friendship, love, deceit, and justice. The film starts by introducing the main characters, Surya, played by Uday Kiran, and Nagendran, enacted by Richard, showcasing their strong bond. The plot takes a turn when Surya finds himself at odds with Simha Perumal, portrayed by Radha Ravi, and his gang.

Nagendran, who is an advocate for marrying without dowry, insisting that a woman’s education is her true dowry, manages to win the heart of Mythilli, played by Rambha, a wealthy heiress. With Surya and his mother’s help, Nagendran and Mythilli get married. However, things take a dark turn when Nagendran reveals his ulterior motive on their wedding night, demanding money from Mythilli. This revelation shocks both Mythilli and Surya.

Nagendran’s unmasking leads to a series of incidents that involve a party, a blackout, a murder, and an alleged culprit with Surya finding himself holding a gun and Mythilli lying dead. The sequence of events unfolds further as Meghala, an officer on the case, steps in to unravel the mystery behind Mythilli’s death, casting a shadow on Surya’s future.


The production of Pen Singam was marked by a number of transitions and notable firsts. The film, originally launched under the title “Neeyindri Naanillai” in 2008, underwent several changes, including a shift in directorial responsibilities from Ilavenil of Uliyin Osai to the debutant director Bali Srirangam. Following the change in director, the film was renamed “Pen Singam”.

The narrative of Pen Singam centers around the theme of a woman’s struggle for justice. Actress Meera Jasmine took up the role of an IPS officer for the first time in her career, bringing a fresh perspective to her filmography. Uday Kiran was cast as the male lead, with actor Richard playing an IFS officer and actress Rohini taking on the role of a judge. The cast was carefully chosen to match the characters’ roles and personalities, contributing to the film’s overall narrative.

The film’s release on 3rd June 2010 coincided with the 87th birthday of M. Karunanidhi, on whose novel Surulimalai, the film is based. Interestingly, the film also marked the last Tamil film appearance of actress Rambha. The production thus was a confluence of many firsts and lasts, each adding its own distinctive touch to the final cinematic output.


Pen Singam is a Tamil film that presents a narrative infused with universal themes and thus has the potential to cater to a broad range of viewers. By combining an engaging plot and diligent production, the film attempts to create a cinematic experience that resonates with its audience.

Pen Singam, through its storyline and production, seeks to create an impression on its viewers. As a part of the broader Tamil cinema industry, the film generates a range of responses from viewers, reflecting the diversity of its audience. The film demonstrates the potential for future compelling narratives in Tamil cinema.

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