Released in 2020, “Vanguard” is a Chinese action film that falls under the action-adventure category. Helmed by Stanley Tong, this movie provides a narrative intertwined with modern concerns and several action sequences.

Plot Summary

At the heart of “Vanguard” lies the operations of a covert security company of the same name. This organization, known for its track record in safeguarding high-profile clients, soon finds its expertise tested. A businessman becomes the unexpected target of a kidnapping, and initial indicators point towards the possible involvement of an expansive international crime syndicate. This isn’t a simple case of ransom; deeper motives seem to be at play.

As the narrative unfolds, the Vanguard team embarks on a global mission. Their pursuit to rescue the businessman is anything but straightforward. From navigating the treacherous terrains of dense forests teeming with dangers to weaving through the labyrinth of bustling urban centers with their own set of challenges, the team is constantly on the move. The vast deserts, too, pose their unique tests of endurance and strategy.

But beyond these physical challenges, the team grapples with deciphering the true nature of the crime. Who can they trust in a world where allies could quickly turn to adversaries? What is the real intent behind the kidnapping? As they delve deeper into the mystery, they uncover a web of deceit, hidden agendas, and a plot that has implications far more significant than what appears on the surface.

Throughout the mission, the dynamics within the Vanguard team also come to the forefront. Differences in approach, internal conflicts, and the strain of the operation test their bonds. Yet, the urgency of their task requires collaboration and mutual trust. The synthesis of their individual strengths becomes crucial in facing the multifaceted challenges thrown their way.


The film “Vanguard” was a project that bore the stamp of Stanley Tong’s vision in multiple capacities. Not only did he take up the role of director, but he also was responsible for penning the screenplay. Further solidifying his involvement, Stanley Tong teamed up with Barbie Tung to produce the film, ensuring a consistent narrative vision from conception to completion.

The casting choices for “Vanguard” brought together seasoned actors and fresh talents alike. Leading the pack was Jackie Chan, a familiar face in action cinema, supported by Yang Yang, Ai Lun, and Miya Muqi, each contributing their unique flair to the narrative.

Behind the scenes, the film’s visual narrative was crafted by cinematographer Lee Chi-Wah, while the task of maintaining a coherent and engaging flow fell to editor Chi Wai Yau. The atmospheric score that accompanied the on-screen action was composed by Nathan Wang. Several production houses collaborated on this endeavor, including China Film International Media Co., Tencent Pictures, Shanghai Lix Entertainment, Epitome Capital, and Shenzhen Media Film & Television.


“Vanguard” offers a perspective on the action cinema genre in the current film landscape. By combining elements of adventure, global espionage, and the workings of a contemporary security firm, it gives viewers an insight into a world where global implications intertwine with individual operations. At its core, “Vanguard” explores themes of loyalty, responsibility, and the intricacies of worldwide interactions in today’s era. It provides a narrative that balances action elements with underlying thematic concerns.

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