Thillu Mullu 

Thillu Mullu is a 2013 Tamil language film, a remake of a 1981 movie bearing the same title. The film features Shiva, Isha Talwar, and Prakash Raj in key roles. The story weaves around deception, mistaken identities, and the resulting comedic chaos.

Plot Summary

The story of Thillu Mullu (2013) revolves around Pasupathy (Shiva), a carefree young man who works in a water canning company. Despite being modern in his approach, he is forced to feign traditional values and ideologies to remain in the good books of his boss, Sivagurunathan (Prakash Raj), who has a strong aversion towards the current youth lifestyle.

This pretense gets complicated when, on a particular day, Pasupathy lies about attending a funeral to watch an IPL match. His boss, who also attends the match, spots him there. Cornered, Pasupathy introduces an imaginary twin brother Kandhan, a rowdy from Madurai, as the one spotted at the match. Sivagurunathan, a compassionate man, decides to reform Kandhan and insists on meeting him.

Thus, Pasupathy, trapped in his own web of deceit, leads a dual life, flipping roles between the obedient employee and the rowdy brother, leading to a comedy of errors. The tension mounts when Sivagurunathan’s daughter Janani (Isha Talwar) falls in love with the ‘bad boy’ Kandhan, unbeknownst to her father’s dislike for him.

The narrative progresses with Pasupathy juggling his double identity, trying to balance his love life, and keeping his secret from being exposed. As the lies pile up, the situational comedy arises from the confusion and the absurdity of the circumstances. The climax reaches a head when the truth of Pasupathy’s deception comes to light, leading to a resolution that ties up all the comedic chaos of the preceding events.


The production of Thillu Mullu (2013) began with its announcement by Vendhar Movies in May 2012. The film was positioned as a remake of the 1981 Tamil comedy film of the same name. The film was helmed by director Badri who, with writers Gopinath and Balakumaran, reworked the original script to suit the contemporary audience while retaining the soul of the original narrative.

Actor Shiva was selected to reprise Rajinikanth’s role from the original. Prakash Raj was chosen for the role of Sivagurunathan, originally played by Thengai Srinivasan. Other members of the ensemble cast included Isha Talwar, Kovai Sarala, Sathyan, Ilavarasu, and Manobala.

Music played a significant part in the film’s production. M.S. Viswanathan, who composed for the original, was associated with the project and composed the film’s music along with Yuvan Shankar Raja.


Thillu Mullu (2013) provides an insight into Tamil comedic cinema. By reprising a classic film for the contemporary audience, it contrasts traditional and modern values through its central character. While it is a remake, the 2013 version stands out due to its contemporary context and a different narrative presentation, while still maintaining the original’s comedic theme centered around mistaken identity.

In summary, Thillu Mullu (2013) represents a bridge between the older and newer generation narratives, demonstrating how classic stories can be reinvented to cater to contemporary audience sensibilities.

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