“Eeswaran” is a 2021 Tamil-language film that was introduced to the Indian cinema. The movie is recognized for blending both traditional and contemporary elements, presenting a narrative that targets a vast spectrum of viewers.

Plot Summary

The film introduces audiences to Eeswaran, a man deeply rooted in his traditions and values, living in a picturesque village. The surroundings resonate with the essence of rural Tamil Nadu, offering viewers a vibrant palette of culture, traditions, and rituals.

Eeswaran’s life revolves around his extensive family, each member representing a different generation with its unique set of beliefs and ideologies. This multigenerational living setup showcases the beautiful complexities and challenges of large families. The elders in the family are deeply rooted in their customs and expect the younger generation to uphold the same values. However, with the influence of the modern world and its allure, clashes become inevitable.

An external threat emerges in the form of a past adversary who brings with him a whirlwind of troubles aimed at disrupting the family’s harmony. As Eeswaran tries to protect his family, he’s also forced to confront some skeletons from his past. The mysteries that unravel emphasize the power of family, redemption, and the consequences of one’s actions.

Throughout the film, a series of flashbacks and narratives bridge the gap between the past and the present. These revelations give depth to Eeswaran’s character, showcasing his strengths, vulnerabilities, and the reasons behind his profound respect for traditions. As the story culminates, viewers witness the intertwining of fate, decisions, and their ramifications, leading to a climax that is both poignant and thought-provoking.


Under the adept direction of Suseenthiran, who also shared writing credits with Sanjay, the film “Eeswaran” weaves a narrative that balances the rural charm with contemporary drama. The movie was brought to life by the producer Balaji Kapa, representing Madhav Media and D Company.

The film boasts a rich cast with Silambarasan in the lead role, supported by the veteran actor Bharathiraja, and accompanied by Nidhhi Agerwal and Nandita Swetha. Visually, the movie is enriched by the cinematography of Tirru and the editing finesse of Anthony. 


“Eeswaran” provides insights into the interconnected nature of past and present life experiences. It presents the challenges and responses to maintaining traditions in an evolving world. Through its structured storytelling approach, the movie stresses the significance of understanding and adapting. It offers a narrative that encourages reflection while serving its primary purpose as a cinematic piece.

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