The Rebel 

“The Rebel” is a 2007 film situated in the action genre. It draws its setting from Vietnam during the French occupation in the 1920s. Truc Charlie Nguyen directed the film and the cast includes Johnny Tri Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van.

Plot Summary

“The Rebel,” a film set in 1922 during the French occupation of Vietnam, tells the story of Le Van Cuong, a Vietnamese agent working for the French to subdue peasant rebellions. As a successful agent, Cuong experiences internal conflict due to the violence he partakes in. When assigned to kill a resistance leader following a high-profile assassination, Cuong crosses paths with Vo Thanh Thuy, the leader’s daughter and a fervent revolutionary. Amid growing suspicions of a mole within the resistance, Cuong assists Thuy in escaping imprisonment, consequently becoming a fugitive.

A series of encounters with Thuy and the French forces ensue, leading to battles, captures, and revelations. Cuong’s increasing alignment with Thuy and the rebels leads to an ambush at the resistance’s hideout. After a subsequent showdown with the French, Cuong and Thuy manage to save Thuy’s father and avenge their losses. The narrative ends with a poignant scene of Cuong and Thuy spreading ashes across Vietnam’s rivers, symbolizing their journey’s close.


The production of “The Rebel” was a collaborative effort between director Charlie Nguyen and co-writers Johnny Tri Nguyen and Dominic Pereira. The film’s production is characterized by its attention to detail and portrayal of a historically significant era. The soundtrack composed by Christopher Wong contributes to the film’s tone and mood, enhancing the viewing experience.

On the technical side, the movie employs Dominic Pereira’s cinematography to effectively portray the setting of French-occupied Vietnam in 1922. The production team took care to replicate the atmosphere, providing a visually compelling backdrop for the narrative.

The movie was produced by Jimmy Pham Nghiem, Charlie Nguyen, and Johnny Tri Nguyen. With its runtime of 103 minutes, the film was distributed by Cinema Pictures and The Weinstein Company, and it made its debut on April 27, 2007.


“The Rebel,” though released in 2007, continues to maintain its relevance due to its plot, production techniques, and the themes it addresses. By presenting a balanced view of the characters and their motivations, the film allows viewers to connect with the story on a personal level.

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