History is created! The much-awaited moment has finally arrived! Actor Prabhas’ Project K, now officially titled Kalki 2898 AD, has its first official teaser release at the San Diego Comic-Con event.

It was an extraordinary moment for everyone who gave it their best onscreen and offscreen for the project. As a film producer and someone belonging to the Indian film industry, which has been judged every time, I this moment as of great significance.

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the world’s biggest comic book conventions that mainly celebrates pop culture entertainment. And since Prabhas’ Project K turned the first Indian film to get its teaser debut at SDCC, it is a proud moment for every Indian and every filmmaker who goes the extra mile to make their film a great success.

I’m overwhelmed at this moment. C. Aswani Dutt just made the right marketing move. The day the film producer aimed to make a global appeal for his upcoming project, he knew Prabhas and Deepika’s unparalleled stardom and larger fanbase would help him lay the foundation of his solid marketing strategy.

And, by opting for SDCC as the teaser release venue, he got a golden chance for his film to put in front of a global audience, which undeniably will expand its reach and box office market.

The smart decision to reach overseas for Kalki 2898 AD must be lauded. Not only did the move add more value to the film, but simultaneously, it also opened the door for the Indian film industry to make cross-culture exchanges.

As a film producer, I can say this step would have helped the Project K team get a newer perspective. Collaborating with SDCC and its international artists means you will have many creative ideas on the table.

And C. Aswani, a wise filmmaker, will not miss any chance to take advantage of those ideas to grab more audience now and then. San Diego Hollywood being one of the biggest entertainment hubs served as the perfect and largest backdrop for this marketing deal to thrive.

From state-of-the-art technology and international creative artists to global audiences, Project has everything required to make a global appeal for a film. The teaser debut at SDCC resulted in what C. Aswani Dutt and Project K team planned for the comic book convention.

The teaser footage and the cast and crew associated with the movie successfully garnered the attention of international moviegoers, critics and potential distributors. It has received the exposure needed to open the film’s global release door. Witnessing the film’s hype among the massive crowd, I’m sure Project K will receive distributors in the international markets, which may serve as the pivotal step to strengthen Hindi Film Industry’s position worldwide.

Meanwhile, if I have to say something about the teaser, it is a glimpse of a captivating world created by Nag Aswin. The captivating world is ruled by darkness awaiting a force to rise again.

This masterpiece featuring Prabhas, Deepika, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan and Disha Patani has generated excitement among the audience and built an emotional connection with them.

As someone working at the core of the film industry seeing Project K’s teaser debut at SDCC was a one-big proud moment for me. I am sure this move will be a stepping stone in its journey, pushing this visually stunning craft towards global expansion and recognition. As the hype increases every day, I am counting the days to experience Kalki 2898 on the big screen, taking the prospective viewers to the mythological tales it missed for few years.