Murder at Honeymoon Hotel

“Murder at Honeymoon Hotel” is a film from China, released in 2016. It’s in the drama and mystery genre, directed by Jang Cheol-soo, and combines elements of suspense with comedic undertones.

Plot Summary

The plot of “Murder at Honeymoon Hotel” is a multi-layered narrative that starts when a couple, Dong and Qiwen, checks into the titular Honeymoon Hotel. Soon after their arrival, Qiwen disappears under mysterious circumstances. The hotel, full of quirky guests and staff members, all of whom have their secrets, suddenly becomes the focal point of a baffling investigation. 

Simultaneously, the hotel’s manager, played by Jiang Wu, becomes intertwined with the strange events. The story further escalates when Qiwen’s disappearance is linked to a murder. The narrative intensifies as suspicions rise and relationships are tested. Dong’s journey from a grieving husband to a man determined to uncover the truth forms a significant part of the plot.

By the end, the myriad of clues, suspense, and intricate character relationships converge towards an unexpected conclusion, where the mystery of the Honeymoon Hotel is finally resolved.


The script of  “Murder at Honeymoon Hotel” was crafted by Zhao Tianyu, known for his previous work in the mystery genre. He created a narrative that weaves together a complex plotline, rich character development, and a high level of suspense.

In terms of casting, the film features a diverse mix of talents. Feng Danying was assigned the role of Dong, while Vivian Wu played the character of Qiwen. Jiang Wu, who portrays the hotel manager, was another crucial addition to the ensemble. 

Finally, the filming process was a meticulous task that took careful planning and execution. The team was led by seasoned director Tian Yusheng, who ensured that the project stuck to its timeline and maintained high production values. 


“Murder at Honeymoon Hotel” is a combination of suspense and drama that maintains audience engagement. The director’s understanding of the genre is reflected in the movie, contributing to its positioning within the mystery-drama category of Chinese cinema. The film’s conclusion brings resolution, highlighting the narrative’s effective storytelling and production execution.

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