Idhu Namma Aalu

“Idhu Namma Aalu” is a 2016 Tamil film. This romantic comedy, directed by Pandiraj, narrates a tale that primarily revolves around the character named Shiva.

Plot Summary

“Idhu Namma Aalu” is set in Chennai. It revolves around the lives of Shiva, played by Silambarasan, and Mylaa, enacted by Nayantara. Shiva, an Information Technology professional, finds himself at a juncture in his life where his family is in search of a suitable bride for him. This search leads him to meet Mylaa, a modern woman with a unique personality. However, upon meeting, they soon realize they share a past connection.

The narrative takes an interesting turn as Shiva and Mylaa delve into their past, reminiscing about their previous relationship that was marked by sweet and sour moments. They soon find themselves rekindling their old feelings for each other and decide to give their relationship another chance. As Shiva and Mylaa start dating again, their journey is not as smooth as they had envisioned. Their contrasting personalities often lead to disagreements and misunderstandings, resulting in temporary break-ups. However, their bond is not easily broken, and they always find a way back to each other, highlighting the strength of their connection.

In the latter half of the movie, the plot takes a dramatic turn when Shiva’s past lover enters the scene. This unexpected twist tests their relationship as Shiva’s previous love interest brings with her a wave of confusion and dilemmas. As the narrative progresses, Shiva and Mylaa are forced to reassess their feelings for each other and make decisions that would significantly impact their lives. The climax of the story focuses on Shiva and Mylaa’s journey of overcoming their past and learning to accept each other’s flaws. 


The film “Idhu Namma Aalu” was announced in 2013 by the production house Pasanga Productions, marking their first venture in film production. Silambarasan, the lead actor, also contributed as a dialogue writer for the movie, a unique feature of the production process.

The director of the movie, Pandiraj, was known for his knack for crafting engaging narratives. For this movie, he brought together a remarkable ensemble cast including Silambarasan, Nayantara, and Andrea Jeremiah, each of whom brought their own individuality and flair to their respective roles.

The movie was shot extensively in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and some portions were filmed in Kumbakonam. The music was composed by Kuralarasan, marking his debut as a film composer. In 2015, T. Rajendar acquired the distribution rights for “Idhu Namma Aalu”, and the film was released in 2016. 


“Idhu Namma Aalu” offers a representation of romantic relationships and the impact of past relations on present circumstances. Despite production-related difficulties, the film provides a narrative that resonates with its audience. Through this movie, one can get a glimpse of the diverse narratives within the Tamil film industry in 2016.

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