Kaththi (2014) is a film that communicates in the Tamil language, falling under the genre of action drama. The film’s focal point is the challenges of farmers’ rights and corporate encroachment. AR Murugadoss is the director of the film, and it features Vijay in two roles alongside Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

Plot Summary

The story of Kaththi (2014) is a captivating narrative where two separate individuals, Jeevanandham and Kathiresan, find their lives intertwined due to their physical resemblance. Jeevanandham, a sincere social activist from a village in Thanjavur, dedicates his life to his fellow villagers and their farming issues. He fights against a multinational corporate company that seeks to seize their land, displacing numerous farming families in the process.

On the other hand, Kathiresan, who hails from a different background, is a petty thief living in Kolkata. He lives a carefree life, always on the lookout for opportunities to earn money the easy way. His life takes a significant turn when he travels to Chennai to escape from the Kolkata police after a failed robbery attempt.

Kathiresan crosses paths with Jeevanandham under unexpected circumstances and, due to their identical appearance, he ends up in a situation where he is mistaken for Jeevanandham. This misidentification brings about a significant change in Kathiresan’s life, as he becomes embroiled in Jeevanandham’s cause and is left to lead the fight that Jeevanandham started.

While initially drawn into the fight due to the confusion over their identities, Kathiresan becomes moved by the villagers’ struggles. Despite his nature as a petty thief, he starts to sympathize with the villagers and their plight. He realizes the gravity of the situation and the significance of the fight against the multinational corporation.

From then on, Kathiresan steps into Jeevanandham’s shoes, taking the lead in their fight for justice. This major plot twist is crucial as the audience sees Kathiresan’s character evolve from a small-time thief to a reluctant hero standing up for a cause larger than himself.


The creation of Kaththi (2014) was produced under the banner of Lyca Productions, a production company known for its involvement in numerous popular films. The story for Kaththi was penned by AR Murugadoss, who also took the helm as the director. 

The movie’s filming process kicked off in Kolkata, where the sequences related to Kathiresan’s life were shot. Following this, the crew moved to Chennai and Thanjavur, capturing the essential shots related to Jeevanandham and the village scenes. The musical score and soundtracks were composed by Anirudh Ravichander, whose melodies played a significant role in setting the tone for the movie. George C. Williams handled the cinematography, capturing the visual elements of the film.

The star of the film, Vijay, played the dual role of Jeevanandham and Kathiresan, showcasing his acting prowess. His performance was backed by a strong supporting cast, including Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, and others.


Kaththi addresses social issues, particularly related to farmers and their trials. Its robust narrative and the depiction of the lead actor in dual roles are elements of the film. It sparks thought about the struggles of farmers and the impacts of corporate overreach. With its blend of entertainment and social awareness, it is a film that incites conversation.

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