Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 

“Dhilluku Dhuddu 2” is a 2019 Tamil horror-comedy film. Directed by Rambhala, it continues the narrative from its predecessor, “Dhilluku Dhuddu.”

Plot Summary

“Dhilluku Dhuddu 2” follows the journey of Viji (played by Santhanam), a carefree individual with a penchant for humor. When he falls for Maya, little does he know that he’s about to be embroiled in a world of supernatural phenomena. As Viji and his comic sidekick continue their comedic antics, they stumble upon Maya’s haunted past, making Viji’s romantic pursuits challenging. 

The mysterious shadow from Maya’s lineage threatens to disrupt their lives, and the film intricately weaves past tragedies with present-day sequences. With each revelation, the stakes get higher. Viji, determined to win Maya’s heart, confronts the eerie forces, leading to a series of humorous yet chilling situations. The balance between the chilling specters of the past and the comedic present makes the story progression intriguing, taking the audience on a roller-coaster of emotions, merging laughter with moments of anticipation.


“Dhilluku Dhuddu 2” was meticulously directed and written by Rambhala, showcasing his vision for a unique blend of comedy and horror. Santhanam, not only the lead actor portraying the central character Viji but also the producer, invested his resources in the movie through his production house, Handmade films. 

The narrative was brought to life on screen by Deepak Kumar Pathy’s adept cinematography, which captured the essence of both the comedic and eerie moments. Madhavan M.’s editing provided the film with a smooth flow, ensuring that the transitions between scenes felt natural and engaging. Shabir’s musical score added another dimension to the film, with melodies that complemented its varying moods.

Alongside Santhanam, the film boasted a diverse cast including Shritha Sivadas, Deepti, Ayesha Zeenath, Rajendran, Bipin, and Urvashi, each contributing to the movie’s engaging narrative.


“Dhilluku Dhuddu 2” showcases the horror-comedy genre within Tamil cinema. By blending elements of suspense with humor, the film provides a narrative that caters to a wide audience. It stands as a representation of the genre in the 2019 cinematic landscape.

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