The King 

“The King” is a 2017 South Korean crime drama film. The movie’s narrative is woven by director Han Jae-rim, and the story unfolds through characters portrayed by Jo In-sung and Jung Woo-sung, among others.

Plot Summary

“The King” follows the story of Park Tae-soo, a character with humble beginnings who ambitiously climbs the ranks of power in the legal world. Growing up in a low-income family, Tae-soo harbors a strong desire to break free from his background. His life takes a turn when he passes the bar exam without any connections, which leads him to a path of power and privilege.

As he makes his way into the prosecutor’s office, Tae-soo is initially overwhelmed by the system. He, however, quickly adapts to the dynamics and starts rising in his career. As he continues to climb the ladder, he forms alliances with the powerful and wealthy, including a figure of authority, Han Kang-sik.

However, as Tae-soo climbs higher, he becomes entangled in a web of power, corruption, and deceit. He is drawn into a murky world where morality is easily compromised for personal gains. He realizes that his desire for power and status has led him into a predicament, from which escaping is not easy.

Tae-soo’s journey is not a smooth ride; instead, it is filled with trials and tribulations, each episode further complicating his situation. It poses the question – what is the price of power, and is it worth it? As Tae-soo grapples with these dilemmas, his story unravels, offering a glimpse into a world where power dynamics dictate relationships and personal values often take a back seat in the face of ambition. The narrative skillfully brings forth these aspects, making “The King” a reflection on the interplay of power, ambition, and morality.


“The King” came into being under the production banner of Woojoo Film and distributed by Next Entertainment World. The movie’s conception started when director Han Jae-rim decided to create a project focusing on the theme of power dynamics, specifically within the legal system. After drafting the initial concept, Han Jae-rim collaborated with other screenwriters to flesh out the narrative, resulting in a script that delved deep into the intricate workings of the judiciary.

In terms of casting, Zo In-sung was picked for the lead role of Park Tae-soo. Alongside him, Jung Woo-sung was chosen to portray the authoritative figure, Han Kang-sik. The cast also included several other actors known for their performances in Korean cinema, such as Kim Ah-joong and Bae Sung-woo.


“The King” delves into the exploration of power dynamics within societal structures through Tae-soo’s journey. The strong storyline, coupled with detailed performances and a well-structured production, positions the film in the landscape of Korean crime dramas. The narrative offers a realistic portrayal of its themes, thus resonating with viewers beyond its genre. 

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