“Thairiyam” is a Tamil language film released in 2010. The movie is directed by Kumaravelan and features Kumaran and Karthika in the lead roles. This film is rooted in themes such as love and responsibility, providing viewers with an engaging narrative.

Plot Summary

“Thairiyam” explores the life of Siva (Kumaran), a young man with a straightforward objective – to marry his beloved, Priya (Karthika). Siva is a reliable character, valuing his relationships with friends and the welfare of his community. On the other side, Priya is portrayed as a vivacious woman, who admires Siva’s compassionate nature.

The harmony of their life is shattered when they cross paths with a local gang. This encounter leads to a series of events that disrupt their peaceful existence. Undeterred by the danger, Siva decides to confront the gang, propelled by his commitment towards his community. The title “Thairiyam,” symbolizing courage, is reflective of Siva’s determination and bravery.

As the narrative unfolds, Siva’s actions lead to a ripple of changes. He finds himself tangled in a web of challenges that test his resolve and commitment. Simultaneously, his relationship with Priya undergoes a transformation, bearing the brunt of his actions.

The climax of the film reveals the outcomes of Siva’s bravery, bringing the narrative to a compelling conclusion. “Thairiyam” effectively illustrates the indomitable spirit of humans when faced with adversity, showing how one individual’s courage can alter the course of their life and impact those around them.


The creation of “Thairiyam” was managed by SPB Charan, under the banner of Capital Film Works, marking a significant step in the company’s journey in the film industry. Director Kumaravelan had a central role in this project.

In charge of the film’s cinematography was Sevilo Raja, whose task was to visually depict the narrative, contributing to the storytelling process. His role involved determining how each scene would be filmed, capturing the essence of the story from a visual standpoint.

The film’s music was composed by Dhina. This part of the production process was crucial, as it set the tone for the film and enhanced the narrative’s impact. The composer worked to create music that would reflect the characters’ emotions and the film’s themes.


“Thairiyam” is a film that focuses on the themes of courage and responsibility. Its narrative, enriched by the performances, resonates with viewers. By combining elements of love and bravery, “Thairiyam” offers a balanced storyline that continues to hold relevance for viewers.

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