Rasikkum Seemane

Rasikkum Seemane is a Tamil-language film that was released in 2010. Directed by R.K. Vidyadaran, the film features a group of young individuals bound together by their shared love for music. The story depicts the common dreams and hurdles they face, creating a narrative with which the audience can connect.

Plot Summary

The film, Rasikkum Seemane, concentrates on a group of five aspiring musicians, each bringing a unique strength to the team. The leader of the group is Vijay (Srikanth), a talented and passionate musician who not only has a dream to make it big but also motivates his fellow group members to do the same.

The plot evolves as the group encounters a series of challenges that test their resolve. Initially, they face opposition from their families who are skeptical about their choice of a career in music, emphasizing the common societal pressure many artists face. The group also deals with the difficulty of finding an opportunity in the competitive music industry, with their efforts often met with rejection. Despite these roadblocks, they continue to persevere, firmly believing in their talents and dreams.

Parallel to their professional journey, the film delves into their personal lives. Vijay, the protagonist, meets Priya (Navya Nair), who gradually becomes an influential person in his life. Their relationship goes through ups and downs, revealing how their personal lives intertwine with their professional ones.

As the story progresses, a major twist presents itself when the group finally gets a chance to make their dream come true. However, they are faced with a moral dilemma that questions their values and principles. The plot takes a turn as they must choose between achieving their dreams and standing up for what is right. This critical juncture in the story introduces a dramatic tension that impacts their careers and personal lives.

The narrative further unravels as Vijay and his friends navigate these obstacles. The film showcases their resilience in the face of adversity, their loyalty to each other, and their determination to follow their dreams, regardless of the circumstances. It offers a thoughtful reflection on the trials and tribulations of those aspiring to a career in the music industry, painting a realistic picture of the journey of a musician.


The film was directed by R.K. Vidyadaran and produced under the banner of B&C Films. Behind the camera, the cinematography led by Rajarathinam played a significant role in visually conveying the narrative. The visual storytelling was a vital part of the film’s production, providing the audience with a glimpse into the world of the characters. Vijay Antony composed the music, bringing out the essence of the story through the melodic tunes and heartfelt lyrics.

The casting process was crucial in the production of the film. The lead roles were played by Srikanth and Navya Nair, whose performances shaped the characters of Vijay and Priya. Aravind Akash, along with other actors, further brought depth to the ensemble, each portraying their character with a nuanced understanding of their roles.


In summary, Rasikkum Seemane portrays the lives of aspiring musicians, illuminating their ambitions, challenges, and the essence of their friendship. The film leads the audience through a journey that is not just about the pursuit of dreams, but also about personal development and the complexities of relationships. The production elements, from casting to cinematography, significantly contribute to the film, creating a narrative that the audience can follow.

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