“Raangi” (2022) is an intriguing tale of investigative journalism, political conspiracies, and international suspense. Directed by M. Saravanan and featuring Trisha in the lead role, the movie delves deep into the world of online information dissemination and its dire consequences.

Plot Summary

“Raangi” tells the gripping tale of Thaiyal Nayagi, a courageous investigative journalist. Her audacious pursuit of justice and equality, through her articles for an online news portal, leads her into a confrontation with Police Inspector Krishnamurthy. This skirmish begins when Thaiyal captures and publishes a video of the inspector’s inappropriate remarks. In retaliation, he sends goons after her, but she remains undeterred.

Amidst this, Thaiyal’s niece, Sushmitha, faces a blackmail crisis from a college peer threatening to release compromising videos. Delving into this, Thaiyal uncovers a counterfeit Facebook account created in Sushmitha’s name, used to ensnare unsuspecting men. Thaiyal, deciding to combat this, uses the account to trap these predators, ensuring they face retribution for their actions.

A deeper mystery emerges with Aalim, a man linked to a Libyan terrorist group. A photo sent by him exposes Minister Kumaravel Rajan’s illicit dealings with terrorists. The revelation triggers the minister’s assassination, escalating tensions. Subsequently, Abu Farooq, a prominent figure in the terrorist organization, targets Sushmitha for revenge. The story climaxes in Libya, where love, sacrifice, and intrigue intertwine, highlighting the blurred lines between right and wrong in our digital age.


Produced by Allirajah Subaskaran and brought to screens by Lyca Productions, “Raangi” boasts a compelling narrative penned by M. Saravanan and A. R. Murugadoss. The film’s visuals, captured by cinematographer K. A. Sakthivel, perfectly complement its intense storyline. C. Sathya’s musical compositions add depth to the movie’s emotive scenes. M. Subarak’s editing ensures a crisp viewing experience.


“Raangi” serves as a reminder of the vast influence of the digital age and the intricate web of global politics. Trisha’s portrayal of Thaiyal Nayagi captures the essence of a fearless journalist navigating a world filled with danger and deceit.

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