Naai Sekar Returns

“Naai Sekar Returns” is a 2022 film that delves into the peculiar connection between familial fortune and a special dog named Bhairavar. Directed and penned by Suraj, the film offers audiences a blend of suspense, comedy, and action, with traces of the supernatural.

Plot Summary

In the setting of 1989, Natrajan, alongside his wife and mother-in-law, visited the Bairava temple, praying for a child due to their childlessness. In a turn of fate, a saint, seeking refuge from a storm, graced the temple. Upon understanding their plight, he bestows upon them a unique dog, emphasizing its mysterious abilities to resolve their dilemmas and usher in prosperity. As foretold, their lives transition with the birth of a son and an influx of wealth through Natrajan’s flourishing lorry business. They christen the dog Bhairavar.

Fast forward to the present day, Naai Sekar emerges as a small-time criminal specialized in dog ransoms. During one of his endeavors, he mistakenly kidnaps a notorious local gangster, Dass’s pet. Although Sekar manages to extract ransom money from Dass, he soon finds himself entangled in trouble. Amidst an altercation, Dass suffers an injury, instigating fear and prompting Sekar and his team to contemplate fleeing.

Their situation intensifies when Sekar’s grandmother reveals their family history. Post his birth, Bhairavar’s protective care was entrusted to a servant, Max. Greed overtook Max as he kidnaps Bhairavar upon realizing its fortune-bringing traits. The family’s luck dwindles with the dog’s absence, leading to a series of tragic events.

Driven by the revelations, Sekar embarks on a mission to retrieve Bhairavar from Max’s custody in Lala Palace, Hyderabad. There, Sekar crafts an elaborate ruse of pretending to be blind, all while navigating through unexpected challenges, including witnessing a heinous crime. The climax unfolds with a high-tension face-off, concluding with Sekar’s triumphant reunion with Bhairavar.


“Naai Sekar Returns” was produced under the banner of Lyca Productions. Vadivelu, Anandaraj, and Rao Ramesh helm the film’s central characters, lending their unique personas to the narrative. Vignesh Vasu’s cinematography captures the diverse moods of the film. The storyline is kept sharp and engaging, courtesy of Selva R. K’s adept editing. Santhosh Narayanan’s music forms an integral part of the narrative, amplifying its varying emotions.


“Naai Sekar Returns” (2022) encapsulates the journey of a man discovering his family’s enigmatic past, intertwined with the destiny of a dog believed to bring fortune. Directed by Suraj, the film merges suspense with humor and touches of the supernatural. It underscores the themes of destiny, familial bonds, and the lengths to which one would go to reclaim their legacy. The tale serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of life, the importance of understanding one’s history, and the enduring bond between man and animal.

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