Ippadai Vellum

“Ippadai Vellum” is a Tamil film that debuted in 2017. The directorial lead of the film was taken by Gaurav Narayanan, with Udhayanidhi Stalin and Manjima Mohan assuming the roles of the main characters.

Plot Summary

“Ippadai Vellum” presents an intricate plot. Madhusudhanan, a software engineer, and Dumb Chari, a naive character, are the two main protagonists whose life courses dramatically intersect. Madhusudhanan, known for his clever problem-solving skills, is suddenly thrown off balance when he loses his job due to an allegation that he later discovers to be a part of a larger conspiracy. On the other hand, Dumb Chari’s straightforward life takes an unanticipated turn when he becomes an unwilling participant in Chota Rajan’s unlawful activities.

Chota Rajan is a shrewd criminal who tricks Dumb Chari into becoming an accessory to a major crime. Dumb Chari, in his unsuspecting nature, finds himself entangled in Chota Rajan’s devious plan and ends up on the run from the law. This is where his path crosses with that of Madhusudhanan. The film explores the escalating sequence of events that unfolds as Madhusudhanan attempts to clear his name and help Dumb Chari out of his predicament.

Further complicating the plot is Madhusudhanan’s love interest, Bhargavi (Manjima Mohan), who stands by him throughout the ordeal. Bhargavi’s brother, a dedicated police officer, adds another layer to the storyline as he pursues the case. The plot thickens as the characters navigate through a labyrinth of uncertainties and challenges, bringing out their inherent strengths and weaknesses.

While the lives of these two men seem to be caught in a storm, they realize that they have more control over their situations than they initially thought. The narrative illustrates how, in the face of adversity, the main characters resort to resourcefulness and courage. It chronicles their journey towards vindication and their struggle to regain normalcy in their lives. 


“Ippadai Vellum” was produced under the banner of Lyca Productions. Gaurav Narayanan, known for his clear vision and narrative style, helmed the project as the director. The screenplay was written by Gaurav Narayanan, who used a blend of drama, suspense, and emotion to create a compelling narrative. The dialogues, also penned by him, complement the situations in the film. 

The cinematography, handled by Richard M. Nathan, played a significant role in creating the visual impact of the film. The film was edited by Praveen K. L., who ensured a seamless transition between scenes, maintaining the narrative’s pace. 

In terms of music, D. Imman, the music director, created an impactful score that resonated with the film’s storyline. 


“Ippadai Vellum” (2017) explores the journey of two unrelated individuals who find themselves bound by challenging circumstances. The narrative progression maintains suspense, and the dilemmas faced by the main characters keep the viewer engaged. The production quality and soundtrack contribute to the overall impact of the film. Despite being a commercial entertainer, the movie effectively portrays the themes of unity and resilience.

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