Clash is a 2009 action drama film from Vietnam. Directed by Le Thanh Son and produced by Phan Minh, the movie presents an action-packed narrative. The main roles are portrayed by actors Johnny Tri Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van.

Plot Summary 

The plot of Clash revolves around two main characters, Trinh and Quan, who are entangled in a world of danger and high stakes. Trinh, portrayed as a mercenary, is tasked with forming a team to carry out a high-risk mission – stealing a hard disk from a French criminal organization. Quan, her team leader, becomes a pivotal figure in this risky operation.

The plot unfolds as the team embarks on their mission, soon revealing that the task is not as simple as it appears. The storyline goes beyond a straightforward action narrative, introducing elements of suspense, deceit, and unexpected twists that make the mission increasingly complex. These complexities test the team’s mettle, causing tensions to rise and alliances to shift.

As the story progresses towards its conclusion, audiences are kept on the edge of their seats, anticipating the ultimate outcome of the mission and the fates of Trinh and Quan. Thus, the plot of Clash offers an intricate blend of action, suspense, and emotional depth that keeps viewers engaged from beginning to end.


The production of Clash was a journey undertaken by Chanh Phuong Films. Despite encountering a series of challenges during the production process, the film reached completion and was launched as per schedule, a testament to the determination of the team involved.

At the helm of the production was Le Thanh Son, the director who was tasked with bringing the script to life on the screen. Son’s role involved guiding the cast and crew, ensuring the narrative’s tone and pace were maintained, and overseeing the visual storytelling. The task required a keen eye for detail, an understanding of cinematic techniques, and a dedication to narrative fidelity.

Adding to the film’s atmosphere was the musical score, composed by Christopher Wong. Wong’s compositions played an integral part in setting the mood for various scenes and enhancing the overall narrative progression.


Clash is a film from Vietnam’s action-drama genre. It employs a blend of action, drama, suspense, and intrigue to construct an engaging storyline. While the film incorporates typical genre elements, it also introduces original narrative components that keep the audience interested.

The primary themes of Clash are trust and betrayal. Through Trinh and Quan’s journey, viewers witness the complexities of relationships under high-pressure situations. The film, though set within a high-stakes mission, offers observations on the human condition, leaving viewers with food for thought beyond its duration.

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